A DJ fired from Stevie Wonder's Los Angeles radio station is suing the blind soul great, claiming he was fired for speaking out about the network's must-play-Stevie music policy.

FRANKIE ROSS alleges he was fired from KJLH after he exposed a "payola" plan between the station and various record labels, which is banned by federal law.

In his wrongful dismissal suit, Ross claims he discovered the scam when a record producer phoned him to complain that a song wasn't being played enough after he'd paid a station employee.

Ross' lawyer DWIGHT STIRLING tells American news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "That is conduct which is highly illegal. Instead of taking that information and telling Mr Ross, 'Hey, look we understand, we appreciate you coming to us,' they (bosses) instead turned around and fired him."

Ross doesn't think Wonder is behind his termination, but the soul legend is the owner of the station, so the suit names him as a key defendant.

01/10/2004 19:50