SO SOLID CREW star KAISH gave up his love of UK garage's hard beats while in prison - after falling for the charms of easy listening stars like MICHAEL BOLTON.

The young star was imprisoned for four months on gun-related charges before being released in April (03) and, despite his band's macho image, Kaish confesses to developing a surprising love of sedate British radio station MAGIC FM whilst whiling away the long hours in jail.

He says, "I listened to a lot of Magic FM in prison. They play a lot of ballads - Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Bryan Adams, Meat Loaf. Then there's Michael Bolton.

"There's some cold singers out there. These people I rate to the max 'cos they've got powerful voices and unique sounds. I listen to these singers for inspiration. Magic FM is mellow."

25/09/2003 17:19