Stevie Nicks broke down while watching Katy Perry's latest music video for the first time - because it reminded her of her own "life and losses" and her tumultuous romance with Lindsey Buckingham.
The Fleetwood Mac star narrated the teaser trailer for Perry's promo for The One That Got Away, about an elderly woman reminiscing about a lost love.
Nicks reveals Perry's video was especially moving for her as it brought back bittersweet memories from her relationship with Buckingham.
She explains, "I really love Katy - I'm proud of her... Her people called me about the video for her new single. I said I'd love to be a part of it... Floria Sigesmundi, the director... showed me the video, and about a minute in, I just began to cry. It reminded me of my own life and losses, and of the last fight that Lindsey Buckingham and I had.
"By the time it ended, I said, 'Well, that's just the saddest thing I've ever seen!' That was exactly the reaction she wanted. So she handed me the type-written pages and I read my lines. It was an amazing experience."
Nicks admits she was thrilled to be involved in the project and hopes to collaborate with Perry in the future.
She adds, "She wasn't there that night. She was in Europe onstage and she sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wrote me a really beautiful note. I'm sure I'll meet her soon. This will bond us, and I'm sure we will become really good friends because of this."