FLEETWOOD MAC singer Stevie Nicks believes she was put on Earth to write songs - not have children.

The EVERYWHERE singer says her life's purpose in the music business far outweighs that of being a parent.

She explains, "Writing songs is the love of my life. I didn't come here to be a mom. I'm here to write songs. I knew that at 15, when I wrote my first song. I flat-out stated, 'I will never be a secretary. I'm never going to get up at 8 to go to the office.' I can be very content alone with my journals."

And her commitment to her job means Nicks, 54 is currently without a man.

She says, "Relationships seldom work for people like me. I'm simply too busy. Very few men are strong and secure enough to wave bye-bye when the limo pulls up to take me away.

"For it to work, someone would have to be incredibly secure, richer and more powerful than me and not bothered by my fame. I love to be in a relationship and be a caretaker, but it's frustrating when I don't have the time. Then I'm a half-a**ed girlfriend and a half-a**ed rock star."

29/04/2003 17:04