Fleetwood Mac icon Stevie Nicks has laughed off rumours she wrote to Glee boss Ryan Murphy asking for a cameo role in the hit show - insisting she is too self-conscious to appear on TV.
The singer/songwriter is a huge fan of the musical series, and Murphy claimed Nicks was keen to follow in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears by making a guest appearance.
But Nicks is adamant she's too worried about her appearance to be caught on camera - even for her favourite TV show.
She tells Britain's Guardian Weekend, "I did not (ask for a cameo). I don't really like to be filmed. But if I was ever going to do anything like that on TV, it would be Glee.
"I say (when being filmed), 'You gotta remember I'm 62 years old. So you've got to have those cameras up, and I have to have the best lighting in the world.' I'm not asking to look 16, I'm asking to look 40."