Singer Stevie Nicks is convinced she and her longtime pal Sheryl Crow are destined to be single for the rest of their lives because they are too famous to find dates.

Nicks has been married once, to her tragic best friend's widower, Kim Anderson, while Crow, who has romanced the likes of Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong, is a single mother with two young adopted children.

The pair has been looking for love and a partner to settle down with for years, but the Landslide hitmaker admits it's difficult for them to meet suitors due to their celebrity.

She tells New York Magazine, "When we were really young, it was a lot easier... I mean, where am I gonna meet somebody?... Like, I'm gonna go to a bar? And hang out?"

And Nicks just wishes they could use a matchmaking service - joking about the absurdity of creating an online profile, she says, "Hi! My name is Stevie Nicks, and I'm looking for somebody that is no more than five years older than me. Please no health problems, no diabetes, no heart disease, no gout, please, no bipolar; if you're on an antidepressant, not good.

"(Or) 'Hi! You know, I'm in a band called Fleetwood Mac, and, you know, I'm looking for, like, a guy who's, like, tall... I don't really date younger men, so, you know, anywhere, from, I guess I could go as young as 58. And as old as 68. Not 70. Just 68. And, um, I like to travel, but I have an assistant, and she always has to come with me because I really gave up packing a long time ago."

Crow feels the same way: "It is hard! Relationships are hard enough, but to be a strong woman who's also in front of a large audience of people who are trying to connect with you - it's threatening."