Singer Stevie Nicks is loving going on tour with a reformed Fleetwood Mac again - because she can return to the grand opulence of the seventies.

Fleetwood Mac were noted for their cocaine fuelled decadence at the peak of their fame in the late seventies, which eventually caused the implosion of the band - but Nicks is loving reliving the experience with the newly reformed group, who have just flown to Australia to perform.

She says, "I have to stop for a minute and thank all the gods of rock and roll that it can be done, one more time, in this fashion.

"As I sit on that plane and watch those limousines come out on to the airfield, I ask: 'Oh my God, where is (Led Zeppelin's) Robert Plant, where is Jimmy Page?

"It's like the old days. It's huge. It's as close to the 1970s as you can get. It's very fun and it's very dramatic."

20/02/2004 02:47