Rocker Stevie Nicks made a conscious decision not to become a mum because she couldn't imagine life without Fleetwood Mac. The singer decided children weren't in her future when she was a young star because she didn't want to be blamed for breaking up Fleetwood MAC when the group was at the height of its fame. Discussing her brief thoughts of motherhood in Rosanna Arquette's new documentary ALL WE ARE SAYING, Nicks says, "If I did (have kids), it would break up Fleetwood MAC because you can't just take a two to three year hiatus when you're in a band like Fleetwood MAC and I didn't want to break up Fleetwood MAC... I wanted my band to stay. "I realised in the 70s that if I stopped to have a baby I would stop my music career and I didn't want to do that. "I figured if, at some point later on in my life, I needed to have a child I could adopt a child; there's lots of little babies that don't have a home." Nicks admits she has never regretted her decision not to become a mum: "As the years went by I pretty much realised that that was a good decision because... with a child in my life, I can't just be, 'Well, I know you're in second grade and you love your school but guess what? We're going to New York.' "I instinctively knew that that would not be being a good mother. I did not want to be a half-assed rock star and a half-assed mother."