Rocker Steven Van Zandt has launched an Internet campaign to reunite cult soul act the Rascals.

The guitarist is hoping to produce and direct a trio of elaborate shows at the Capital Theatre in New York in December (12) and now he's asking music fans to help him fund the project via a new donation drive.

The Once Upon A Dream shows will reunite the group's original line-up of Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish, Eddie Brigati and Dino Danelli and they will be the band's first concerts together for over 40 years.

Van Zandt says, "The show will be an uplifting inspiration for you fans that have been waiting all these years, praying for a Rascals comeback, and those of you who are younger will get a real taste of the Sixties you missed the first time around.

"Not one dollar that is contributed will go into anyone's pocket, or be commissioned in any way, every dollar will go into the production making it as good as it can be, as great as the Rascals deserve... The Rascals are coming back... The production will be as big as you make it."

The Rascals formed in the mid-60s and enjoyed a string of hits before disbanding in 1972.