Rocker Steven Tyler's daughter Mia has been caught up in a new TV controversy after a fitness trainer poked fun at her weight.

The plus-size model is one of a handful of chubby celebrities taking part in new reality show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB, but she has already fallen out with the show's resident trainer HARVEY WALDEN.

The former drill sergeant enraged the 200 pound (90.7 kilograms) beauty when he commented on the upcoming VH1 show's debut that her husband will like her "a whole lot more" when she slims down.

Mia took exception to the remark and fired back, "He didn't marry me because of the way I look. He married me because of who I am."

When Harvey told her she was in denial, Mia accused the trainer of being the reason that so many young women in America suffer from bulimia and anorexia.

She fumed, "I think you have issues. I think you've got issues with body size and being fit and you care too much. I think that's not good for your head. I think you need to lighten up and be a little easier on yourself. My being this size doesn't make me any less sexy. I could be 800 pounds and I'd still be sexy."

The new show also features Daniel Baldwin and rapper Biz Markie.

25/11/2004 02:08