AEROSMITH star Steven Tyler has signed up to help drug addicts kick their habits - and has been personally phoning those in need.

The rocker, who has a a past of substance abuse, now calls fans who are struggling to stay clean in a bid to persuade them to quit for good, after becoming a sponsor for America's MUSICIANS' ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (MAP).

The editor of America's HOLLYWOOD REPORTER magazine has documented Tyler's generous side, while following the star on tour.

In the piece published yesterday (05NOV03), Tyler was called by MAP founder Buddy Arnold, who said, "Steven, (a newcomer) is in trouble again; can you give him a call?"

Tyler agreed and called the newcomer, "Hi, it's Steven Tyler. Someone said you were thinking about getting high, tell me about it. Because I think about it all day long, and I've got 17 years sober."

After the phone chat, Tyler says, "I love and cherish getting those phone calls in the middle of the night. In the old days (the calls were), 'Hey Steven, Joe died.'"

06/11/2003 09:49