Steven Tyler was "hurt" when his Aerosmith bandmates failed to check up on him after he fell off stage during a show in 2009, accusing them of snubbing him for six months after the accident.
The singer fell from the stage at a concert in South Dakota and broke his left shoulder, prompting the rockers to cancel the rest of their North American tour.
Tyler admits he was high on prescription drugs when the fall occurred and later checked himself into rehab to deal with his problems.
His bandmates were angry with him for ruining their tour plans and Tyler was devastated when no one called to check on him after the accident.
During an interview on America's 60 Minutes, guitarist Brad Whitford says, "Everybody's life dramatically changed in an instant because he was, in my mind, irresponsible. And I was very angry at him.£
Tyler responds, "Oh, positively (I can see why they were mad). Not quite to the extent of not calling me for 27 weeks... Wouldn't you think, after 40 years, the guys would come around go, 'Look... I'm p**sed off at you. But did you break your neck? You alright?' I was hurt by that. And I went away to get well and I came back a sober and better person."