Rock veteran Steven Tyler may be an ardent supporter of his daughter LIV's movie career, but that didn't stop him falling asleep during a screening of the final Lord Of The Rings installment.

The AEROSMITH singer left sexy Liv stunned when he slipped into unconsciousness as he watched her in the eagerly awaited THE RETURN OF THE KING. But despite her shock, she admits audience members were delighted - because he'd previously been making too much noise eating food.

She says, "My dad got into trouble because he bought a big bag of food and snacked through the whole movie. And he was passing food along.

"He fell asleep halfway through, just took a nap. But he was really tired."

However, the stunning actress insists they both have a mutual admiration for each other's work.

She adds, "He loves what I do and I'm quite fascinated by what he does. I see him up on stage and I'm like, 'How does he do that?' It's so incredible."

09/12/2003 02:23