Liv Tyler claimed that she hadn't heard her dad Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem before the Ravens / Patriots game on Sunday (January 22, 2012) but given the negative response his performance has drawn, perhaps she was just being tactful. And the problem with his performance? Well, he did botch a few of the lyrics. but he's not the first to have done that. The rest of the criticism seems to have been surrounding his vocal performance, though it seems a little harsh. He just sounds like Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith. If you are going to book the lead singer of Aerosmith to sing your national anthem, you can't really expect Kelly Clarkson's angelic voice to spring forth from the rocker's vocal chords and recreate her 2006 performance.
When Kelly performed her version of 'Star Spangled Banner' at a Cowboys match, she left most other performers cowering in her wake. Anyone performing the American anthem from now on, has Kelly Clarkson as a somewhat impossible benchmark. She has been invited to repeat the performance at this year's Superbowl so perhaps Tyler will tune in to see where he went wrong, in the eyes of the Great American public.
It's almost as if the proliferation of TV talent contests has made singing judges of all of us. Lana Del Rey's recent performance on Saturday Night Live, for instance, has been lambasted as one of the worst live performances in the show's history, whilst another of the show's guests, Daniel Radcliffe has denounced the criticism as histrionics, saying ""It was unfortunate that people seemed to turn on her so quickly." One thing's for certain though, the public response to his performance is unlikely to make Tyler think twice when dishing out his thoughts on American Idol.