Rocker Steven Tyler has assured fans he's fit and ready to tour with Aerosmith this summer (12) - and they should not wait to get tickets for concerts.
The singer famously fell off a stage in South Dakota at the beginning of the band's last summer tour in 2009 and his injuries prompted the group to scrap dates with ZZ Top.
He subsequently quit the band and checked into rehab for a painkiller problem.
But he insists his reputation as an injury-prone, concert-cancelling rock star is undeserved and he's committed to making it through Aerosmith's next tour, which begins in June (12).
He says, "It's no secret I had a lot of foot operations, I was back on drugs again, we did a tour with ZZ Top (and) I fell off the stage because of that and the guys were angry at me, rightfully so.
"But I'm back and I'm on fire."