Rocker Steven Tyler was upset by Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry's fighting talk during a recent TV interview.
The group was interviewed for a candid segment on U.S. news show 60 Minutes, during which the longtime colleagues discussed their often tempestuous relationship.
Guitarist Perry told the show he tolerates his songwriting sidekick because he is an immense talent, but he agreed there are times when Tyler is difficult to work with.
When asked if the band's disagreements over the years have ever led to a bust-up, Perry said, "That would damage the relationship too much; besides he needs his jaw to sing."
The offhand comment didn't sit well with his frontman when it was repeated to him later in the interview.
Clearly a little hurt, Tyler responded, "It's a terrible message that sends. I always sleep with one eye open with him... He needs his jaw to sing? Does that mean that maybe there's a fight in the near future? I think he's (Perry) still got a good, strong ego."
Tyler and Perry are working together again and planning for a major U.S. tour this summer (12) - their first since the pair fell out after Tyler fell off a stage during a concert in South Dakota in 2009. He shattered his shoulder and was left so badly injured the band had to scrap the remainder of its tour as Tyler recovered and then sought help for a dependency on pain medication.
Later that year, Tyler announced his plans to leave the band indefinitely and work on solo material, prompting his guitarist to launch a search for the singer's replacement.
By early 2010, the duo had resolved its issues and Aerosmith were working together again.