Steven Tyler doesn't think 'American Idol' is the best way to find new musical talent.

The 'Aerosmith' frontman - who has joined the US reality TV talent show as a judge this season - always believed years of hard work is a better way to become a star but knows times have changed.

He said: "I always thought that in order to become an American Idol, or any kind of idol, you have to pay your dues. But, today's a different world."

The 62-year-oldrocker went on to agree with TV talk show host David Letterman, who said he prefers musicians to have the "honest, legitimate stamp of approval" that comes from gradual success.

Steven responded: "I tend to agree."

However, the 'Crazy' hitmaker admitted he is enjoying the "fun" of looking for new talent via a television show.

He explained: "This way is more fun," he says, referring to the 'Idol' process. "It's more excruciating -- we get to put 'em through hell and they do it, and they come out the worm-hole looking good. You'll see."