Steven Tyler lost two teeth and suffered cuts to his face after falling in his hotel bathroom in Paraguay.

The 63-year-old rocker was forced to postpone Aerosmith's concert in the South American country after he received stitches and underwent emergency dental work following yesterday's (25.10.11)  incident at the Bourbon Hotel in Asuncion, but event organizers have assured fans the group will take to the stage tonight (26.10.11).

Marcelo Antunez, a spokesman for the local concert organisers, said: "Mr. Tyler had a small accident that prevents him from staging the concert tonight.

"He is fine, he's in his hotel but he's not able to do the concert."

Gustavo Perez, a bellboy at the Bourbon hotel near Asuncion, told local radio that the 63-year-old singer slipped when he was taking a shower and "had a nasty fall".

Nicolas Garzia, whose firm Garzia Group organised the show, later wrote on twitter that Stephen was suffering from dehydration and gastrointestinal problems and thanked fans for their understanding.

Steven was released following a four-hour stay at the La Costa medical centre in Paraguay's capital, with eyewitnesses reporting he appeared in good spirits as he left the building.

Two years ago he broke his shoulder after falling off stage during a concert in South Dakota, forcing the 'Crazy' group to abandon their North American tour.