Steven Tyler looks up to Sir Mick Jagger as his ''hero''.

The Aerosmith frontman has admitted that he used to hide the fact he was a fan of the Rolling Stones frontman because he was afraid he would get mocked.

Speaking for an interview for the first ever issue of Planet Rock magazine, Tyler revealed: ''He was my f**king hero. There was actually a six-or-seven-year period when I was afraid to tell the press so I was all like, 'No, he isn't.' And then of course, I came out of the closet and went 'F**kin A! He is!' To this day, to this minute, to this second, Mick Jagger is still my hero.''

The 69-year-old rocker then confessed that he was annoyed that the 73-year-old 'Satisfaction' hitmaker cut off his luscious locks.

He added: ''I'm pissed off at him cutting his hair and I'd tell him that.''

Despite outing himself as a fan of Jagger, the 'Crazy' hitmaker previously said he wasn't impressed being compared to the rock god.

He previously said: ''The 'cheap imitation of the Rolling Stones' criticism was constant.

''And it hurt for the first couple of years. It was constantly Mick Jagger this and Mick Jagger that -- that I copied him, and Janis Joplin too. Mick was the cheapest, easiest shot.''

The full interview with Steven Tyler appears in Planet Rock magazine, on sale now.