The Aerosmith frontman and his daughter Mia, 37, were braving the heavy snow when they came across CNN reporter Poppy Harlow on the streets of the Big Apple, and Steven, who was bundled up in a thick coat, hat and scarf, was more than happy to chat about how he was dealing with the blizzard.

Asked how he was coping with Winter Storm Jonas, the singer said, "I'm gonna hunker down. I've got a funny feeling the storm's gonna keep us here a couple extra days."

Steven, who had been in the city for Friday's (22Jan16) appearance on America's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, explained he was spending time with his daughters, before giving pregnant Liv Tyler's nine-year-old son a shout out on air.

"How ya doin' Milo?" the 67-year-old granddad smiled.

Steven then offered up some sage advice to residents affected by the storm, which has dumped record amounts of snow all across the U.S. East Coast, saying: "Stay home. Two words: hot chocolate."