Steven Tyler still maintains a somewhat rock & roll reputation, but old age seems to be catching up with the veteran Aerosmith front man, the vocalist putting down the slog of the job as to one of the reasons why he quit 'X Factor' recently.

Talking to Rolling Stone Magazine, Tyler commented "It was just hard work: seven-hour days and then I went and did the [Aerosmith] album for eight hours after that," he said. Ok, so to be fair that does sound like a lot of work for anyone regardless of age. It wasn't just that which prompted his decision, either. In truth, Tyler had a mixed relationship with the program. "I loved it and hated it," he said. "It was a great job, I sat next to J. Lo and I made a ton of money. It was a moment in life and it became larger than life."

However, the downside came when, desperate to seek a replacement for the often harsh and surly Simon Cowell, producers tried to mould both Tyler and Jennifer Lopez into that role. "The show's about kids and what you do to nurture their talent," Tyler said. "They wanted me to take the piss out of the kids and I don't have that in me. That's not what I'm about. That's more about that other guy. Not me." Fair play, Steve. Although, after getting to sit next to J-Lo for two years, you're in for a nasty shock when you get back to being in a room with your gnarled band mates.