Steven Tyler's model daughter Mia started cutting herself as a teenager in an effort to cope with life with her moody mum. The plus-size catwalk star discovered her late mother, model Cyrinda Foxe, had mutilated herself when she was younger and felt the need to do the same. She reveals, "Mom was a little crazy... She wasn't (diagnosed) but I always thought she was bipolar; you always think your parents are crazy anyway. "One minute she'd be smacking me around for hiding candy bar rappers or something so silly and the next minute she'd be like, 'Come and watch BAMBI.'" But her hellish home life came to a head when Foxe started writing a book about her fling with Aerosmith frontman Tyler. She adds, "I just didn't think that was right... I just didn't think the world needed to know those details. "I came home one day and she had, like, a burn mark on her arm and I was like, 'What is that?' She tried to play it off like a kid who's hurting and cuts themselves... She tried to play it off like she didn't know what it was or she accidentally did it. "It kind of opened up the door (for her) to tell me she did that when she was a kid. She would burn herself and she had just done it and she was 40-something. "I was hurting so much and I wanted out of that house so badly... I started (cutting) with a Chanel compact. I took a Chanel compact and I took the corners... and I would just scratch and scratch and scratch until I would have a bloody mess. It kind of escalated... It was a release for me... It was almost relaxing." The cutting continued while she was modelling - Tyler used the lines of her tattoos to hide her scars - and she returned to self-mutilating in her 20s when her marriage to Papa Roach rocker DAVE BUCKNER hit rough times. She now insists she no longer cuts herself. But Tyler has started using her experiences to help others on her help site - one fan who gave up cutting after online therapy sessions with the model joined her on Tyra Banks' US talk show yesterday (26SEP06) to thank her for her help and encouragement.