American Idol judge Steven Tyler has predicted that finalist Jessica Sanchez will win the eleventh series of the show, which comes to its conclusion on Thursday (May 17, 2012). Sanchez goes up against Joshua Ledet and the equally strong Phillip Phillips in the final, though Aerosmith star Tyler thinks Sanchez has it sewn up.

Following her rendition of Mariah Carey's 'My All' during Wednesday's final performances, Tyler told the young singer, "Jessica, when you sing, you make people hang on your every note. The way you sing, I just hope you get used of encores. And in another kind of crazy way, you will be the last one standing here I believe. So that was just so over-the-top girl. I can't tell ya". Host Ryan Seacrest asked Tyler to clarify his comments, saying, "Did you just predict the winner, in your opinion?", to which the veteran rocker smiled, "Don't I always?". Seacrest dug a little further, asking, "Did you just make a call here live on television?", with Tyler again assuring him, "Don't I always?". The comments will not be a great surprise to Joshua or Phillip, who are both regarded as outsiders heading into tonight's final.

It would be a surprise should Phillips scoop the prize, given that he was the only contestant to receive slightly negative praise during last night's show. He chose to perform Matchbox 20's 'Disease' and BOB SEGER's 'We've Got Tonight'.