Steven Spielberg is set to direct a film about Moses.

The 'War Horse' director will take on the ambitious biopic 'Gods And Kings' which will tell the story of the biblical character who parted the Red Sea and was presented with the Ten Commandments by God on Mount Sinai.

The movie will see Moses presented as "the warrior of all warriors" and will follow him from birth to death.

A source told Deadline: "[It's] a movie like a Braveheart-ish version of the Moses story - him coming down the river, being adopted, leaving his home, forming an army and getting the Ten Commandments.

"There have been glossy versions of the Moses story but this would be a real warrior story."

The Script has been written by Stuart Hazeldine ('Paradise Lost') and Michael Green ('Green Lantern'), and will be produced by Dan Lin and Matti Lesham.

Production is expected to begin in March or April this year.

The film - which is based on the Bible's 'Book of Exodus ' - is not a remake of the 1956 Cecile B. DeMille-directed 'The Ten Commandments', despite their similar subject matter.