Steven Spielberg owns the sled which was used at the end of the hit movie 'Citizen Kane'.

The 71-year-old director has revealed that the ''greatest memento'' he possesses doesn't come from one of his own movies, but instead from the hit Orson Wells feature, which was released in 1941.

At the end of the movie, a sled bearing the name 'Rosebud' can be seen being burned, and a spare version of the item which wasn't needed for filming is now in the legendary director's possession.

When asked what his most prized movie memento is, the 'Jaws' director said: ''The sled from 'Rosebud'. The greatest memento I possess is the actual sled from 'Rosebud'. The balsa wood sled, there were three made to burn at the end. Wells directed all the insert photography and Wells was happy with the second sled they burned, and so the third sled was not needed, and that was put in storage at RKO, and I purchased the sled at a Sotheby's auction in the mid-80s.''

Steven currently displays the movie prop in his office, but has revealed he will donate it to the new Academy museum as he believes ''everybody'' should get the chance to see the item.

He added: ''It's going to be at the Academy museum eventually, the new Academy museum. It's in my office right now and it's been there for years and years, ever since I purchased it. It was at home for a while and then it was in my office. But I think it really belongs in a museum so everybody can see it.''

Despite his most treasured piece not originating from his own flick, Steven does have items from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' in his office as well.

When asked during an appearance on BBC Radio 1's 'Movies That Made Me' if anything from his own movies had made it into his office, he said: ''Yeah the whip and fedora hat from the first 'Raiders' movie. It's not on display but it's ... if I need it I can whip it out.''