Director Steven Spielberg would have re-made Orson Welles' classic sci-fi radio show War of the Worlds for the big screen much earlier if it wasn't for special effects blockbuster Independence Day.

War Of The Worlds fired the Saving Private Ryan director's imagination when he purchased the last existing copy of the radio script 12 years ago - but he didn't want to jump on the alien invasion film bandwagon.

The 58-year-old tells British movie magazine HOTDOG, "If I could have, I would have begun this movie 12 years ago. I bought at an auction the last surviving War Of The Worlds radio script and it was amazing, I guess you could say a distillation of the novel.

"I said, 'Oh man, this would make an amazing movie.' When Independence Day came out I said, 'Well, maybe I won't make it,' because they kind of picked the bones of that and put me off for a while."

But a desire to work with Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise brought back his urge to make the film.

He adds, "I got interested in it again just in the course of trying to find something to do with Tom."

21/03/2005 18:00