Moviemaker J.J. Abrams was hired to restore the home movies Steven Spielberg made as a kid - when he was 15.
The two movie moguls have since become great friends and film partners, but Abrams can still remember the thrill he got when Spielberg asked him to take charge of the movies he made as a teenager.
Abrams tells Entertainment Weekly, "(Director) Matt (Reeves) and I were in a Super 8 camera festival, and the L.A. Times (newspaper) did an article about the festival, and there was a picture of us.
"We received a call from Steven's assistant, who said Steven's 8mm movies were in disrepair and asked us if we would fix them. If this were a movie, I'd say, 'You know the part I don't believe? That the greatest director in history would trust these kids with no beards to touch these movies of incredible significance.'"
Spielberg recalls, "All the splices were coming undone... so the most amazing thing is, now the circle has closed with the movie that J.J. wrote and directed, Super 8."
The new film - about a group of young filmmakers - was produced by Abrams' mentor.