Steven Spielberg is still paying homage to the Holocaust survivors he portrayed in SCHINDLER'S LIST - he introduced one at a lecture he gave about Jewish pride to Los Angeles students.

The movie mogul spoke to hundreds of high school students as part of a social studies programme, and chose to chat to them about his hit 1993 film, which told the story of German industrialist OSKAR SCHINDLER who saved more than 1,100 Jews from death during World War II.

The Los Angeles students had seen the film on the district's educational TV station before meeting with Spielberg at the HOLLYWOOD AMERICAN LEGION last week (ends23MAY03).

Spielberg told the students that many of the Jews saved by Schindler were still alive - and introduced one to prove his point.

LEON LEYSON was young boy when he and his family were sent to notorious concentration camp Auschwitz.

Leyson said, "When I saw the movie, I was startled at how accurate it was. I could see my house."

28/05/2003 09:15