Steven Spielberg's 'Gremlins' movie could be rebooted, according to reports. claims Warner Bros. is in contact with the director's Amblin Entertainment company to broker a deal that would allow a remake of the horror comedy.

His demands have always proved a stumbling block for the reboot, as it was ''too daunting a financial prospect,'' but sources suggest Spielberg - who was executive producer for the original in 1984 - could sign over the rights.

A spokesman for the director neither confirmed nor denied the rumours when asked, cryptically claiming the ''appropriate executives were not available for comment.''

'Gremlins' - which starred Phoebe Cates, Zach Gilligan and Hoyt Axton - was directed by Joe Dante, who has in the past played down the idea of a new film.

Joe previously said: ''Those films were such products of the technology at the time.

''The movie was more limited and created by technology. They were puppets.

''The storylines, then, were based around what we could do with the Gremlins.

''Now, of course, anything is possible but it becomes a little more difficult to hone it on what your storyline would be.''