Steven Spielberg once earned a three-day backstage pass at Universal Studios after impressing a librarian with his nerve. The wannabe mogul was in high school in Arizona when a visit to the Universal backlot and a little hide and seek turned into a summer of fun. He recalls, "I was visiting some cousins and I took a tour one day and they gave everybody a bathroom break about midday and I got off to go to the bathroom and I hid in a stall. "As soon as everybody had left, I was free. I was on the Universal Studios lot. "I spent the whole afternoon walking in and out of doors, on soundstages and cutting rooms. I took my own tour and had an amazing time. Nobody stopped me. "At the end of the day I went to borrow a telephone to call my cousins to pick me up and I fortuitously borrowed the telephone of the Universal Studios film librarian, Chuck Silvers, who asked me what I was doing there. "I told him and he laughed and thought that I had a lot of chutzpa and showed ambition... and he gave me a three-day pass. "After three days I took a shot hoping the guard would recognise me without having to show him my papers. So, on the fourth day, I waved to the guard, Scotty, and Scotty waved back and for the next two months I was on the lot until school began and I had to go back to Phoenix." Spielberg went on to film scenes in Jurassic Park and War of The World at Universal and he will shoot footage for the fourth Indiana Jones movie there later this year (07).