Eighties pin-up KELLY LeBROCK has enlisted the help of a doughnut diet to help her get her killer figure back.

The former supermodel and WOMAN IN RED star, who was once wed to action man Steven Seagal, has ballooned since stepping out of the limelight to be a full-time mum to her three kids - but now she's primed for a comeback.

The model and actress has signed up to star in the third season of reality TV show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB, so she could shed the pounds in public - only to be told she wasn't big enough. So she went on a crash doughnut diet to bulk up and then slim down.

She explains, "I was a little underweight for the show so I kind of beefed up. That was really hard."

And, though she's planning to slim down, she has no plans to scale back completely to her former weight - because she was miserable as a model.

She says, "There's certain parts of me that actually like being out of shape because it meant I was left alone."

Chastity Bono, GREASE star Jeff Conaway and former THE COSBY SHOW kid Tempestt Bledsoe will join LeBrock on the new Celebrity Fit Club.