Movie action man Steven Seagal is honouring his mother's final wishes by releasing an album of songs he has written and recorded.

The actor and martial arts star has a blues background, and has performed with Bb King and CLARENCE 'GATEMOUTH' BROWN at low-key concerts, where his talents have impressed stalwarts.

But, to make sure his solo album, SONGS FROM THE CRYSTAL CAVE, isn't treated with disdain by critics, it was sent out without credits - and it's already receiving rave reviews in America.

He says, "I've written about 150 songs. My momma died two years ago, and before she did, she said, 'Son, you've got a lot of songs. Put them out. People like them.'"

Seagal worked with former WAILERS TYRONE DOWNIE and AL ANDERSON, LADY SAW and Indian singer KAVITA SUBRAMANIAM (corr) on the project, and even persuaded Stevie Wonder to play harmonica on one track.

The album is already selling well in parts of Europe, but Seagal knows he'll struggle to make a dent in the US charts.

He adds, "As a Buddhist, we look at life literally as the ocean of suffering, not expecting anything to go particularly smoothly."

30/05/2005 03:07