The GUNS N' ROSES drummer battled substance abuse for years and reportedly turned to Dr. Howard Kornfeld in an effort to kick his addiction to heroin for good.

In a new book the rock star's mother, Deanna, claims her son first began working with Kornfeld in 1995, after he was arrested for a DUI. The 52-year-old spent a few weeks in detox and was subsequently released to continue treatment.

But, in Sweet Child of Mine, Deanna admits she didn't approve of Steven's expensive doctor and became annoyed when she saw his first pharmaceutical bill.

"(I said), 'What kind of scam was this? What the hell was going on?'" she writes.

She also alleges Adler was prescribed 63 different medications in one month, so she took it upon herself to research what all the different medications were used for.

"I could not fathom, and they never answered to my satisfaction, why they needed to have two different types of psychotics, or three different sleeping aid medications, or five different types of painkillers," she continues. "Even I know you shouldn't mix Darvocet, Percodan and Tylenol with codeine."

Deanna claims she made a complaint to the American Medical Association and the California Board of Pharmacology, but no evidence of impropriety was found.

After spending three months in treatment with Kornfeld, Adler relapsed, but eventually became sober.

Kornfeld has not commented on Adler's treatment.

Years later, the doctor was approached by Prince's aides and asked to meet the star as he battled an addiction to painkillers prior to his death in April (16). Kornfeld sent his son Andrew with the opioid addiction treatment buprenorphine, but when he arrived at Prince's Paisley Park home near Minneapolis, Minnesota, the musician was nowhere to be found. Kornfeld and two of Prince's employees eventually found the musician dead in an elevator.