STEVEN ADLER has washed his hands of former band mate Axl Rose, after the temperamental singer refused to show up at Guns N Roses 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' induction. When Rolling Stone magazine spoke to him back in December 2011, the ex-drummer of Guns N Roses seemed to be holding out hope that Axl would join them for the ceremony. At the time, Adler said, "I know there's love between all five of us. I know there is. Not just four of us, five of us. We owe it to the fans. The Least we can do is give them one great performance."
At the time, Duff Mckagan shrugged off Axl's non-appearance, saying "it's about the music, not the people." Adler, however, has been less forgiving of his former vocalist. "He showed his true colors to the world," he told the magazine. "I'm done with him, I'm never mentioning him or talking about him again." Adler insists that that interview will be the last in which he addresses the subject of Axl Rose. It seems that Axl has well and truly burned his bridges there.
Steven added that he has now given up on any wishes of a reunion with Axl. "If it was going to happen, that's when it was going to happen, and in Axl's letter, he showed his true colors to the world. After that, that's it. Like I said, the main person I wanted to end that chapter with, and I'm going to start a new chapter with, was Slash. When quizzed on what he meant by 'true colours,' he explained "I think it's disrespect. He's not for the fans, which is everybody in the world. Basically, he told everybody in the world, "F*ck you, I don't give a sh*t what you think."