Casino boss Steve Wynn has filed a permanent legal injunction against Girls Gone Wild founder JOE FRANCIS.

The soft porn boss was taken to court earlier this year (12) on charges of slander after going public with false accusations that Wynn threatened to kill him in an email.

Wynn won the case and earlier this month (Sep12) was awarded $40 million (Gbp25 million) in damages to settle the dispute.

But Francis vowed to continue his legal fight by appealing the verdict, and he recently opened up about his disappointment in the final outcome on his website, writing, "I still maintain that my life was endangered... One day the public will see that I am the real victim here and not Steve Wynn."

And now Wynn is taking steps to ensure the 39 year old does not continue his angry tirade and cause further harm to his reputation with false statements by asking a judge to ban him from speaking about the case all together, according to