Casino tycoon Steve Wynn will receive $20m in damages after the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ creator JOE FRANCIS alleged that Wynn plotted to kill him and bury him in the desert, reports the New York Daily News.

Francis’s claims that Wynn was planning to kill him over a gambling debt have landed the mogul $20m in damages. Steve Wynn's attorney asked the jury to award the billionaire $12 million plus punitive damages to send a message that false statements snowballing in the Internet age will not be tolerated. A jury of nine men and three women awarded $8m more than was asked following the law suit filed under the reasoning that Francis’ claims damaged Wynn’s business interests. “Steve Wynn didn’t know who Joe Francis was, had never even met him and didn’t know he owed him $2 million until he started making these comments,” lawyer Barry Langberg confirmed outside court. “Mr. Francis apparently thought that he could intimidate ... Steve Wynn into backing off collecting the legal debt.”

Convinced that he has been unfairly treated, Francis is vehement that the ruling will be overturned on appeal due to judicial error. "I'm startled by the jury's verdict because it's totally unfounded and the evidence does not support it," he said in a phone interview. "You can't add a cause of action at the end of trial about something that had nothing to do with the trial," Francis said. "Therefore we are 100 per cent confident this jury verdict will be reversed on appeal.”