Hotel entrepreneur Steve Wynn is destined to succeed at whatever he does - because he has been guided by the spirit of billionaire Howard Hughes for years, according to top Hollywood medium KENNY KINGSTON.
Hughes was one of Kingston's secret clients before the mystery of his disappearance and apparent death, and now the subject of Leonardo DiCaprio's hit film The Aviator has come back from the dead to reveal he's backing Las Vegas kingpin Wynn's new hotel venture, Encore.
Kingston tells WENN, "Many people question whether it's a wise move to make, given the economy and a downturn in Las Vegas business, but Steve Wynn shouldn't worry - he's been guided by Howard Hughes for years."
And Kingston has been tracing the mystery of Howard Hughes, who was declared dead in 1976, for more than 30 years.
He adds, "I contacted the spirit of Hughes' mother, Alene, in 1978 and 1979 to see whether she'd seen Howard on the other side. She said no, which is very unusual, since a family member such as a mother would certainly have seen her son when he passed away.
"Then, in 1979, I was contacted by Hughes himself in the flesh and I gave him a psychic reading. Hughes told me he was secretly moving about between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Bahamas."
Kingston insists Hughes died in the 1980s, and one of his closest friends on the other side is Steve Wynn's mother.
The psychic adds, "Wynn's mother and Howard Hughes are working hard to guide Steve with his projects. Hughes admires his courage and business sense. These strong allies on the other side will make sure that Steve Wynn won't fail."