Impresario Steve Wynn has credited a quick thinking stagehand for saving showman Roy Horn's life by performing first aid on the German as he lay in a pool of blood.

Horn - one half of the SIEGFRIED + ROY act the former MIRAGE hotel and casino boss brought to perform in Las Vegas - was attacked by one of his own tigers during a show on 3 October (03), and has spent the past 10 days fighting for his life.

But Wynn is convinced Horn would have been dead before he left the stage if a stagehand hadn't acted so quickly.

Wynn says, "Roy was laying on the floor bleeding and fortunately one of the stagehands had the presence of mind to put his finger in the puncture wound and he stemmed the flow of the blood until the paramedics got there with the ambulance and clamped it off.

"Roy had a cardiac arrest, and, when we got to the hospital, he was dead for 30 seconds from loss of blood. He then had a stroke."

Horn was resuscitated twice and underwent four operations to keep him alive.

Wynn admits it's amazing his friend is still alive, "He was breathing on his own without the respirator for the entire day on Sunday (12OCT03), and the Catscan shows that his brain has not been damaged at all, except for where the stroke was."

14/10/2003 14:00