LATEST: Rapper COREY 'C-MURDER' MILLER has been put in a house arrest program while he awaits a re-trial on a second-degree murder charge. Miller was freed from jail yesterday (20MAR06) after putting up $500,000 (GBP29,000) bail and meeting a $500,000 (GBP29,000) bond set by a Louisiana judge on two unrelated charges of attempted murder. The rapper was put into a home incarceration program where he will wear a monitor to so authorities can track his movements - he is restricted to his home and can only leave for court-approved appointments with his attorney. The 35-year-old is charged with the fatal shooting of Steve Thomas, 16, on 12 January 2002, during a fight in a now-closed Louisiana nightclub. A jury convicted Miller of the crime in 2003, but a judge tossed out the conviction earlier this month (MAR06) after ruling prosecutors hid the criminal backgrounds of some state witnesses. Authorities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, also allege Miller tried to shoot a nightclub owner and a security guard on 14 August 2001, after he was told he would have to be searched before entering a club.