Actor Steve Schirripa is celebrating after he was reunited with thousands of dollars worth of jewellery he left in a cab.

The Sopranos star Schirripa was given a diamond necklace, watches, and a gold trinket as Christmas gifts for his family but he was horrified when he arrived home to discover he had left the priceless presents in the back of a taxi.

The quick-thinking star managed to track down his lost property by contacting a pal whose friend runs the company which makes the touch-screen Tvs used in New York cabs - and together they got a message to the driver, who returned the gems.

Schirripa tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "There are nice people in New York City... That was about to ruin Christmas... Now, that's something not even Tony Soprano or Santa Claus could deliver on... I gave the driver a $100 tip. It really is a Christmas miracle."