Actor Steve Schirripa has branded Scott Stapp "crazy" after the rocker made an appearance on his TV show CASINO CINEMA.

Former CREED star Stapp recently stopped by the New York City studios of the show, which is co-hosted by shock jock Howard Stern's girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, and his antics left everybody speechless.

Schirripa, who once appeared in The Sopranos, says, "Scott came in last week to promote his solo album.

"I was sitting in the make-up trailer and he walks in (and says), 'Mr Soprano, I'll kick your a*s!' I said, 'I don't think that's gonna happen!'

"And then he was very rude to Beth. He said, 'Hey, do you want a piece of this?' On my best day I've never been that hammered. I was kind of jealous.... He was crazy. He was doing kung-fu and then he was channelling different people. Him and TARA (REID) would be alright together."