Television prankster Steve-O put himself through more pain for the sake of entertainment on Wednesday night (09MAR05), when he allowed a baby alligator to bite him on his buttocks.

The former Jackass daredevil, real name STEPHEN GLOVER, appeared on comedian Jay Leno's chat show with his WILDBOYZ co-star Chris Pontius and couldn't resist showing off his passion for hair-raising antics to the live studio audience.

At the end of their interview, Pontius and British-born Steve-O stripped down to their underwear and climbed into a hot tub, before a pair of assistants emerged from the backstage area and placed six baby alligators into the water with them.

Pontius then ordered Steve-O to bend over, before picking up one of the toothy creatures and allowing it to bite the star's bottom several times.

As stunned guest Mel Gibson looked on, Leno remarked, "You know, you guys are idiots!"

11/03/2005 09:32