The Jackass star, real name Stephen Glover, went public with his new relationship with celebrity tattoo artist Von D at the end of 2015, when he shared a photo of the new couple kissing on Instagram and captioned the sweet snap, "How can I be so lucky?".

The romance was briefly touched upon during Steve-O's appearance on The Wease Show in Rochester on Friday, when host Brother Wease brought up the fact the TV prankster's presence meant they were "three degrees from Sandra Bullock", as Von D had previously dated the Oscar winner's cheating ex-husband, Jesse James.

As the presenter began discussing the topic, Steve-O complained, "Oh, God, please, I'm not going there... Just stop man, I really don't wanna (talk about it)..."

Wease then declared he wouldn't have broached the subject if the funnyman hadn't told producers nothing was off limits, prompting Steve-O to explain his stance.

"I'm not mad at ya... (but) you're messing (with) my girl," he said. "I take that as blatant disrespect to my girl..."

The discussion continued, prompting Steve-O to end the chat, which had been set up to promote his stand-up shows at the local Comedy Club.

"Hey man, if I was upset, now... it's just like, you're upsetting me on purpose (by discussing it further) and like, whatever dude...," the 41-year-old continued. Bidding farewell, he added, "We'll see you guys, thanks so much."

Von D began dating James in 2010, months after he was exposed for his extramarital affairs during his union to Bullock. They became engaged in early 2011, but split for good that September (11).