Bam Margera has avoided jail time after being sentenced to three years probation in his DUI case.

The 'Jackass' star had been charged with two counts of driving under the influence after he was pulled over in January, and he pleaded not guilty.

As reported by TMZ, he also has to pay fines and fees as part of his sentencing, and will have to attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, as well as taking part in a ''live in'' programme.

The 38-year-old pro skateboarder and stuntman had previously checked himself into rehab in Venice, Los Angeles shortly after his arrested earlier this year.

The incident came just weeks after he and his second wife Nicole Boyd - whom he married in October 21013 - welcomed their first child, son Phoenix Wolf, on December 23.

His former co-star Steve-O, 43, has been open about his own battle with addiction, and shortly after Bam's arrest he offered his friend advice.

He said:''That's all anyone wants - to see him happy or healthy. You just get to a certain point, you surrender to the process.''

He added that friends have been concerned about him for a while now, and while people hoped having a child would help him, that's not always the case.

He added: ''A lot of people have been concerned about Bram for a long time... You've gotta get sober. Now, he's just had a kid, a lot of people think that having a kid, 'Oh I'm gonna get my act together because I'm having a kid'.

''But that's the thing about the disease of alcoholism, you have no power over it.''