Director Steve McQueen shares a similar secret to his Hollywood namesake - he is dyslexic.

The 12 Years A Slave director was diagnosed with the reading disorder when he was a child but has hidden it from the public since shooting to fame as he was made to feel stupid at school.

Now he has opened up about the condition, which also struck his more famous movie namesake, actor Steve MCQueen.

He tells Britain's Guardian Weekend magazine, "I've never said this before, ever. But I was dyslexic. And I've hidden it, because I was so ashamed. I thought it meant I was stupid. Also, I had a lazy eye. So I had a patch. When you're in front of the chalk board, you still can't f**king see. So it was a terrible start. And people make judgements very quick. So you're put to one side very quickly."

Cool Hand Luke actor MCQueen, who died in 1980, was dyslexic and partially deaf as a result of a childhood ear infection.