British moviemaker Steve McQueen has backed calls for the U.K.'s human trafficking laws to be tightened up.

The 12 Years A Slave director has thrown his support behind plans to bring in new anti-slavery legislation, and he has backed a report published by a committee of U.K. Members of Parliament (Mps) who believe the current draft of the Modern Slavery Bill needs to be re-written.

MCQueen says in a statement, "The authors of this report... have grasped the complexity of contemporary trafficking and forced labour in the United Kingdom and have set forth clearly the fundamentals of what is necessary to tackle it effectively.

"I warmly commend this report and pay tribute to the members of the committee who have produced it. Their work has honoured Parliament and the country."

The bill, which has yet to be approved and brought into law, aims to bring more perpetrators of human trafficking to justice and offer more protection and support to victims.

The British filmmaker is an ambassador for Anti-Slavery International, a U.K.-based organisation which lobbies against slavery.