Hundreds of personal possessions belonging to the late actor Steve McQueen will be auctioned off this November (06), 25 years after his death. The legendary star of classics such as The Great Escape, BULLITT and The Getaway died of lung disease in 1980, aged 50. The items being sold include three of his motorbikes, a Wurlitzer jukebox, a pair of leather chaps and 14 guns including a Winchester rifle used in his penultimate film TOM HORN. Also up for auction at Bonhams + Butterfields in Los Angeles on 11 November (06) is a truck with the licence plate MCQ3188 - MCQueen's number during the time spent as a youth at a reform school in Chino, California. The items are being sold by his third wife, BARBARA MCQUEEN BRUNSVOLD, and have never been exhibited before. She says, "For over 25 years I have held on to the many items that Steve collected. I know there is a public who would love to own a piece of his collection."