Movie icon Steve McQueen once held a gun to his wife NEILE ADAMS' head after learning she had cheated on him. Adams, who recounts the terrifying face-off in her updated memoirs My Husband, My Friend, reveals the Bullitt star raged at her after pals told him of a one-night stand she had with actor Maximilian Schell. The actress insists she fell into the arms of Schell partly because she was devastated by MCQueen's womanising ways, but she didn't think the movie great would react the way he did to her one-night stand. She says, "Steve could never get over it. He'd say things like, 'Why couldn't you have done it with an electrician instead...? It just got to Steve, right to his soul." On the advice of her therapist, Adams divorced MCQueen, ending their 16-year marriage in 1972. She recalls, "My therapist said Steve would kill me if I stayed. I reluctantly filed for divorce and Steve was furious that he didn't do it first."