A film written by Hollywood legend Steve McQueen is set to go into production 25 years after his death.

McQueen's godson discovered storyboards and notes for YUCATAN, a film about treasure hunters in Mexico, in a vault of the actor's possessions.

The star became fascinated by Mexico's Yucatan peninsula following a trip with film-maker Sam Peckinpah, who directed him in JUNIOR BONNER and THE GETAWAY, and wanted the movie to climax with en epic motorbike chase to rival THE GREAT ESCAPE.

McQueen wrote 1,700 pages of notes for the film, but never achieved his ambition of becoming a screenwriter in his lifetime.

Paul Scheuring, who is adapting the script, says, "Certain things need to be updated, but everything needed for a great action movie is right here."

David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter films, is hoping to get the go-ahead from McQueen's estate to take on the project.

26/06/2005 10:47