Steve McQueen's movie BULLITT has been crowned the 'coolest' film of all time in a new British poll.

The 1968 film was hailed for its hunky star and its soundtrack in the survey conducted by TV TIMES magazine.

The listings publication called on voters to only pick films starring actors who are adored by women across the world.

A spokesman for TV Times says, "It's easy to see why McQueen was known as the King of Cool."

McQueen and Bullitt - legendary for featuring one of the best car chases in big screen history - beat out Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE and SIR SEAN CONNERY in Goldfinger.

Marlon Brando's leather-jacketed turn in The Wild One and a dark sunglasses-clad Keanu Reeves in The Matrix complete the top five.

03/12/2004 17:32